Our 450 year experiment in democracy is not at risk — it is effectively over for good.

Trump — like Hitler, Mussolini, Stalin, Lenin and hundreds of other dictators, is a worthless but a successful cult leader drawing the masses like lemmings to a cliff. He has but one objective — to become king of America and rape our treasury.

Imagine this: this guy holding the codes to our nuclear weapons stock. Trump claims his record includes being the best president when it comes to supporting our military.

True, if you consider:

He ridicules handicapped service members;

His mockery and disgust of Gold Star families;

His avoiding service five times, citing shin splints;

His ridicule of John McCain, even after he was buried;

He has sold out our country in his drive to be a dictator and buddy up with Vlad Putin;

The insults our senior military leaders have incurred (“They need to go back to school”);

That he is smarter than all the senior brass combined;

That he idolizes a common criminal and insurrectionist (Ashley Babbitt);

As a veteran, I am embarrassed and disgusted how anyone who says they love our country can even consider voting for Trump. His base are all fascists, bigots and white supremacists who belong to MAWA — Make America White Again.

Trump is a self-centered crybaby who will only accept the results of a ballot if he wins, demanding as many recounts as it takes to dispose of Democrats’ ballots. Remember “we will take it from there.”

He is the reincarnation of Hitler — not Jesus Christ as has been suggested, and wants the power to dispose of anyone who has slighted him. Trump is most comfortable when around dictators, including Kim Jong-un, Erdogan of Turkey and his buddy, Putin. Trump violated protocol as well as laws by meeting with Putin without a translator in the closed-door meeting and with Kim Jong-un making no record of what he likely gave away.

How about Trump’s brilliant offer to the North Koreans to hop a ride on Air Force One to Kim Jong-Un, exposing national secrets to our professed enemy.

What I fear is that the current bipartisan investigations will prove Trump’s involvement in fermenting a civil war, but will result in no accountability, because everyone is so afraid of his violent followers. How long before our daily greeting will be Sieg Heil?