I have couple of suggestions for Ray Colburn (“Modern Keene is no Bedford Falls,” Reader Opinion, July 25):

If you don’t like “Open Mic,” tune to another station. That’s what I do with Fox News (and before branding me a liberal, I do the same with MSNBC). If you don’t like the daily paper, don’t read it.

My husband is a Keene native. Yes, he has seen changes in his 67 years, but it’s still Keene. And instead of complaining about a city that “has devolved,” he, in his retirement, has become active with the Keene Serenity Center. Among other activities, Keene Serenity offers a needle exchange, which keeps hypodermic needles off public benches, one of Mr. Colburn’s complaints.

According to Mr. Colburn’s fantastical exaggerations, Keene has become a Pottersville. While Keene is no Bedford Falls (which, by the way, isn’t any more real than Peter Pan), it is far from being “a very creepy place.” It is filled with people, agencies and religious communities that, like my husband, love Keene and work to make it better.

Perhaps Mr. Colburn could something similar: if he sees a problem, instead of complaining about it he could work to fix it.


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