The Koch brothers, multi-billionaires Charles and David, have been funding state and local governmental laws and candidates for many years.

Through ALEC, the American Legislative Exchange Council, they are working to benefit corporations and to dismantle voter rights, health care and other governmental benefits for our citizens. They seek to create a plutocracy, a government in which the wealthy rule.

Republicans control 68 of America’s 99 state legislative houses — more than at any time in our history. In 23 states the GOP controls the governor’s office and both legislative chambers. After the 2020 census, these state chambers will be redrawing (gerrymandering) congressional districts.

The Center for Media and Democracy ( investigates corporate corruption and influence in our media and government. It also produces which has been uncovering ALEC’s tactics for implementing a corporate agenda in the states.

The State Innovation Exchange ( helps citizens advance progressive policy goals in their states.

We must all do what we can to prevent our democracy from becoming a plutocracy.


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