The Keene School District and school board are at it again.

Just like the “survey” for the start time, they wanted the public to think that the time change would only affect Keene High School, but it is affecting every district in Unit 29.

They are again misleading students and parents regarding how the state-mandated competency-based education will affect students and are rushing to put into place.

Did you know that there was going to be a drastic change at Keene High School? Were any of the sending towns consulted or made aware that these changes were coming? The plan that was rolled out to the teachers and staff on Friday, May 24, is an extreme and unrealistic first step in the transition.

They want you to think that what they are proposing is state-mandated, and that is simply not true. There will be no more letter grades; no more GPA; no class rank; no valedictorian; no honor cords at graduation; and no reason for our kids to strive to be the best they can be, because they will all be deemed “competent.”

They will tell you that not having the GPA will not affect college applications or potential scholarships, but the fact is it will.

They are expecting staff to completely re-write curriculum, while at the same time cutting their prep time every day by 30 minutes. Every teacher that teaches the same course will be teaching the exact same thing at the exact same time. There will be no room for any creativity for these incredible teachers that might want to spend a little extra time on a unit that the class might be excited about. We will have robot teachers using boiler plate curriculum.

There will be no emphasis on content. The administration can be compliant with scaled-back changes that are not so harsh and unrealistic. A dual grading system for both competent and standard grading systems can be in place so that the GPAs can remain.

We need to speak up on behalf of our kids that have been working so hard for their achievements and allow them to be recognized. Call and write the Keene school board and the Keene High School principal and director of curriculum and tell them that we need to slow down and think about what is most important, our kids.


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