The more society evolves compassion toward animals, the more that animal cruelty sticks out. All animals feel pain and fear just as much as your beloved cats and dogs do.

At the Cheshire Fair they have pig scrambles and a rodeo. Chasing and terrorizing animals for entertainment just doesn’t have a place in 2019.

For example, the Pond Hill Ranch Rodeo outfit has performed calf-roping. When looking into this, I see terrified baby calves being chased by “tough” guys on horses, roped and pulled, thrown to the ground, and tied up. It really is abhorrent to see. Can you imagine if this was done to a dog, the outcry?

The pig scrambles are not much better as baby piglets, which are as smart as dogs, are chased and jumped on, then thrown into a burlap sack.

This is all just cruel and for no legitimate reason other than for some form of human entertainment at the expense of other living beings. People are quick to use words like tradition and sport; sorry, but that is a pretty lame excuse for such blatant cruelty.

It is high time for state fairs and people in general to just care more and develop empathy for all animals.


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