Qassem Soleimani’s newfound fame as international bad guy has deeper implications for the escalation of world terrorism and further disregards the rule of international law.

By choosing assassination over bringing Soleimani to trial, Trump has established himself as judge, jury and executioner over anyone who disagrees with him. Ego-driven and impulsive foreign policy will not protect our American interests. The non-diplomatic solution to what may have been a justifiable concern sets a precedence for world leaders to merely take out their opponents, and human rights be damned.

And now Soleimani has been tried — not in international court, but by the U.S. media. He was found guilty of being a bad man, and having ill will toward the United States. His death serves notice to bad men throughout the world that the guys with the biggest sticks can operate with impunity, without justice, and probably not even with the truth.

Sen. Hassan, this is not the time to “proceed with great caution, consult with Congress and be clear with the American people about its strategy,” as you say. Trump has repeatedly shown his contempt for Congress, most recently in shutting out the Democrats in creating this new phase of foreign policy. His attempts to be clear on issues ranging from “cancerous” windmills to people who repeatedly flush their toilets gives me little faith for either transparency or sanity. By no means should we proceed any further with this descent into utter lawlessness.

Sen. Shaheen, you stated that “I hope that the White House has a plan in place and has prepared for potential responses from Iran.” This should not be a hope, but knowledge that you — as a member of the governing body that must vote for or against this war, should already possess. Anything else is dereliction of duty.

I urge you to end any further acts of aggression and work toward a sane foreign policy that respects both international law and human rights. America can no longer afford the cost of continuous war, either financially or morally. I urge you to stand against this madness and stand for justice and peace.


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