Here we have two men ...

One is accused of passing a counterfeit bill and is aggressively arrested. During the arrest the man dies. Many unanswered questions: Did the man know the bill was bogus? (Would you know a counterfeit bill? Do you look at your $20 bill before handing it to the cashier?) Did the police question the man prior to forcibly pulling him from his vehicle and cuffing him?

One is accused of lying to the FBI; in effect, hindering an investigation. Indeed, the man confessed to the lying twice in front of a judge. (Not to mention the fact the man was also acting as an unregistered foreign agent and also confessed lying to the vice president of the United States.)

Now we have the Justice Department of the United States asking the court to disregard the man’s guilty pleas because they were not that serious and, according to the president, the man was “unfairly treated.”

You tell me: Which man was treated unfairly?


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