It is extremely troubling that a citizen does not have “standing” to bring suit, or to expect fair and impartial consideration by the Democratic National Committee.

The DNC argued in court: People knew the DNC rigged the 2016 primaries; the DNC’s obligation to run a fair and impartial primary election is an internal process; the DNC is well within their rights to “go into back rooms as they used to and smoke cigars and pick the candidate that way.”

The DNC lawyers also professed in court that they are a private corporation; all decisions are internal, and it doesn’t owe anyone a fair process.

This attitude is still at work today. Disavowing a candidate who lists himself as a Democratic Socialist, the party makes another choice ignoring many in the electorate for a second consecutive primary season. That candidate has a long record that does not read like a socialist agenda is at work. Sanders’ career reads like an elected representative who represents those who entrusted him with their votes. That is not the record the party wants as president.

The party knows better than the electorate, and they will make the decisions for our future. We are just along for the ride. They consistently threaten voters that avoiding their candidate means a vote for the “evil” in power. Vote all blue is one of the phrases I’ve read. I guess all those who voted for Ross Perot that allowed Bill Clinton to win didn’t count in their reasoning.

A party that will only support those in office, shields fresh ideas and candidates, lacks accountability to the electorate, also enforces the party’s power. If my party chooses not to listen to the voters, they should not be surprised that voters raise their voices. I am disappointed and stunned that we are ignoring the available new leaders our country requires. We are repeating past mistakes of an older generation of Democrats. Where is the vision or leadership?

Also, the corporate media keeps broadcasting Kamala Harris as a front runner for vice president. How does that resonate with memories of George Floyd and Harris’s record as a prosecutor? Vote your conscience for a leader, not just the least offensive option, or enter a write-in candidate.

I always heard that Russia and communist countries told you how to vote. My how times have changed. Freedom means having a choice. The two-party system is failing the electorate.


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