The passage of the bipartisan infrastructure package maps out a new path forward for the United States’ energy economy — one with an abundance of high-quality, good-paying, sustainable middle-class jobs.

The job potential that private and public green-energy initiatives like hydro pipelines, solar and wind offer New Hampshire communities across sectors benefit our environment and our wallets. Beyond stimulating our economy and doing more to protect our environment, water and wildlife, decreasing our grid’s vulnerability by giving New Hampshire consumers more energy options to choose from minimizes risks that come with non-renewable energy dependency.

It is past time for lawmakers to act to diversify our state’s energy portfolio. Green infrastructure projects are not only the key to creating a more sustainable future; they present a strategic path forward for our state to recover from economic hardships the COVID-19 pandemic has brought (and continues to wreak) on the economy.

A more diverse energy portfolio and job market will make for more diverse energy consumers. The window to create jobs and invest in clean energy initiatives is now, and the opportunity is ours to lose.