Many regional towns seem to be struggling with questions of housing concerns, town development and zoning. Being a longtime resident of Rindge, I share these concerns for my town. Residents and voters of Rindge, please be aware of what is taking place in our town government.

Several years ago, we lost our full-time planning director. To cut expenses, this was changed to a part-time position. Our present director is a sub-contractor hired by the planning board. Herein lies the problem.

Our director has his own design firm, specializing in land development. When he was hired, it was agreed that he could continue his private design business. Isn’t this in direct conflict with his position for our town?

It is apparent that our planning director and his professional involvement with developers is negatively shaping our planning board. Sadly, our planning director is negatively shaping the development and negatively guiding zoning changes in our town.

Bottom line: There is town planning and then there is development. Sorry to say, the guidance from our planning board director is in conflict with town planning.

Rindge, let’s get back to town planning!


107 Fitzgerald Road