These are dangerous times for our country — at no prior point in our lifetimes has the integrity of American’s constitutional convictions been so threatened. Cooperation in governance is impossible; Americans no longer agree on basic facts. Expertise is disdained; science is disregarded; and whatever is convenient and appealing is taken as truth.

Americans do not have the critical facility to recognize and respect complexity.

New Hampshire’s attempt to turn history into propaganda and to stifle honest discussion by outlawing “divisive concepts” is chilling. It is part of the reason that America is on the descent. It explains how political discourse can be reduced to a grade-school exchange allowing a taunting phrase like “Let’s Go Brandon” to gain traction and sway minds.

Those who fear honest discussion in our schools, denying that complex issues demand nuanced interpretation to be understood, are complicit in the demise of the United States of America.




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