In their recent letter, state Reps. Michael Abbott, Paul Berch and Cathy Harvey tout their accomplishments in the N.H. House.

What they won’t tell you is that they voted to increase taxes by hundreds of millions of dollars. Only Gov. Sununu’s veto pen spared Granite State residents. If Abbott, Berch and Harvey are re-elected, they will vote for massive tax hikes again.

Why don’t Abbott, Berch and Harvey brag about their tax-hike votes? Could it be that they don’t want you to know? They didn’t tell you about tax hikes during the last election, and they’re sure not talking about them this year either. How do massive tax increases help Cheshire County residents? The truth is, they don’t.

Abbott, Berch and Harvey are rubber stamps for policies dictated by the N.H. House speaker, and it’s not going to change if Cheshire voters send them back to Concord again.

Isn’t it time that we finally elect state reps who will look after our interests, rather than follow orders from political bosses?


80 Hurricane Road, Westmoreland

Also for Kate Day of Chesterfield, and Whit Aldrich and Peter Benik of Walpole. (All are Republican candidates for state representative.)