I agree with Peter Riesenberg’s evaluation of today’s Democratic Party (“Everything bad is due to Democrats,” Reader Opinion, Aug. 12).

The BLM and ANTIFA leaders are Marxist trained Communists who demand that their requests be granted or they will burn everything down. We have heard that threat before, but not delivered to our beloved USA.

As demonstrated by the insurrections taking place throughout our country it should not be taken lightly. It has been reported that as many as 34 percent of college graduates today entertain thoughts of Communism and there are positions in all levels of our government, even in Congress, held by people sympathetic to such a change.

I can understand how our younger generations today could easily be misled. Some of them interviewed on the street have no idea what they are talking about. Some even sound like programmed robots as they half-heartedly talk while painting words and symbols on the wall or ground. However, the number of others who have denounced their loyalty to the country they have lived in for some time is appalling. Evidently they are so wrapped up in party loyalty that they have lost their ability to think for themselves.

In view of what has gone on for much too long, and the reluctance of the Democratic authorities to move one step to stop it, I only have this to say. Think about it before you vote. Any Democratic vote is a vote for Communism. Is that what you want?


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