Like most New Hampshire residents, I want my representatives in Concord to exercise common sense in voting on public issues. It would also be nice if they checked with the folks back home for our opinion before making significant changes in our state government.

Unfortunately, neither common sense nor public input has played much of a role in Statehouse actions so far this year.

I was unhappy to learn that the Democratic majority of state representatives — in party-line votes — approved $400 million in higher state taxes. Mind you, they started with a healthy “rainy day” fund, and state tax revenues are already higher than expected, thanks to wise fiscal and tax policies enacted by the governor and previous state legislative majority. So why did they need to vote for all these higher taxes?

The answer, of course, is that Democrats didn’t need to do this. All that was needed was a little Granite State family common sense — like you don’t spend more money than you have. The governor gets it; what’s wrong with the state representative majority? What were they thinking?

It may be fun for them to spend other people’s money, but the added tax burdens they voted for will fall on the backs of ordinary folks in New Hampshire, and I, for one, do not appreciate the extra taxes. Thanks to low taxes, our state economy has been growing the fastest of any state in New England. Hiking state taxes isn’t going to help this growth continue.

None of these state representatives told us during the last election that they planned to vote for higher taxes. Nor did they bother to ask our opinion before taking this step. What they have done not only defies common sense but it’s also not being straight with the people who elected them.

If this is the way our state representative majority thinks that public business should get done in Concord, then it seems to me that we may need to elect a new legislative majority next year. The people of New Hampshire deserve a state government that is honest about its goals and, above all, listens to the folks it is supposed to serve.


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(This writer chairs the Cheshire County Republican Committee.)