On March 31, the Keene Democrats had a caucus via online video conference to determine who the local leaders of the party would be for the next two years.

Although the number of participants was projected to be large, and the request for a 200-person capacity was requested, arrangements had been made for a limit of 100 by the state party. When that limit of individuals had signed on, others of the 168 enrolled were turned away and unable to participate.

Some who were in the remote meeting commented that the situation was one of voter suppression. An alternative link, with greater capacity to accommodate all who had registered for the meeting, was successfully created in the moment, thus resolving the issue and eventually 132 joined the second meeting for the caucus.

In view of current headlines of the Republican Party’s rampant and appalling efforts of voter suppression this was extremely concerning. Many of us who are traditionally undeclared voters are giving the Democratic Party another try and this smacks of the caucus shenanigans seen in recent years against Sen. Bernie Sanders in other states, originally denied and eventually verified. If the Democrats want this group of otherwise undeclared voting progressive activists to stay, they will have to do better.