I’m scared to live in America.

I’m not necessarily scared because of gun violence or climate change, though. Nor is it because of big corporations or the alt-right.

I’m scared because it seems like Americans have forgotten what it means to live in a democracy. We have a president whose tweets and speeches have split the nation into political factions, and a Congress that doesn’t seem capable of properly functioning. We have a political climate that ignores our democratic institutions and encourages radical extremism in order for there to be change. We have political leaders speaking about American politics in terms of “frontlines” and “armies.”

As a student of history at my university, I’ve seen what happens when democracies forget what it means to compromise. And it scares me that many politicians — people who are supposed to be the strongest supporters of our democratic principles — seem to be caught up in the dangerous trend of partisan politics.

John Delaney isn’t caught up in this trend. If you haven’t heard of him, he’s a former entrepreneur and three-term Congressman from Maryland who’s made bipartisanship a cornerstone of his 2020 campaign for president. During his time in Congress, he was ranked the third-most bipartisan Congressman; he was also able to effectively work with Republicans, such as on an infrastructure bill that had 40 Republican and 40 Democratic cosponsors.

Just looking through his website really gave me hope. For example, he promises to exclusively pass bipartisan bills on topics ranging from immigration to cybersecurity during his first 100 days. He’s also laid out clear policies on over 20 other issues — if you’re curious, they’re all on his website, www.johndelaney.com.

Even if you aren’t scared to live in America right now, or you’re scared for reasons other than my own, there’s a lot to be hopeful about in Delaney’s platform.


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