As a voter who is looking for a president with a clear, sensible plan to curb our greenhouse-gas emissions within the time frame laid out in the 2018 IPCC report, I am closely following how the presidential candidates plan to address climate change. While the current president continues to wage war on life-sustaining climate action policies, every other candidate running for president is speaking out about climate change. Some candidates, such as John Delaney, are even announcing their climate policy plans.

On May 24, Delaney, a former Maryland representative in the U.S. House, announced the Delaney Climate Plan, which consists of six carefully designed components:

Carbon fee and dividend;

Carbon capture;

Increased budget for renewable energy technologies;

Challenge grants to spur innovation in clean energy technologies;

A national climate corps to train recent high school graduates on the skills needed for a burgeoning clean energy economy;

An infrastructure project to transport captured carbon to sequestration sites.

Carbon fee and dividend is supported by over 3,500 of the world’s leading economists as the most effective way to reduce our greenhouse-gas emissions not just nationally, but globally, by taxing climate change pollutants, rebating all of the money collected to American households in equal amounts, and including a border adjustment tax on imported goods based on their greenhouse-gas impact. Carbon capture is essential for removing the pollutants that are already causing the earth’s climate to destabilize.

Delaney’s plan then goes further to combine investment in renewable energy technologies, challenge grants to companies as incentives for more innovation in those technologies, a national climate corps and an infrastructure project. His plan will reduce greenhouse-gas emissions globally. It will also create an economic boon for our country. Finally, it will help unite our divided nation as we work together to take on the problem of climate instability.

In addition to proposing his own climate change policy today, Delaney was also one of the sponsors of the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act ( in the last Congress. John Delaney has a proven track record and an effective plan for taking on the biggest problem facing humankind. Having suffered through the backward environmental policies of the current president, we most definitely need it.


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