Cyber Monday is beginning to suppress Black Friday.

Over the past few years, Cyber Monday has been growing in popularity at a consistent rate, putting Black Friday down below its usual expectations. Over time, it is possible that Black Friday will become almost unheard of or diminished. Cyber Monday is beginning to suppress Black Friday.

With time, the popularity of Cyber Monday has grown at a constant rate and is beginning to go at a more consistent rate. In 2015, overall sales for Cyber Monday were $2.98 billion, compared to 2017, when overall sales were $6.59 billion. The growth between these two occasions is remarkable. This is caused from the new world becoming almost entirely technology-based.

Another thing that we can dig into is the overall popularity between the two “holidays.” Since last year, Cyber Monday has had an overall sales growth of 11 percent, this is representing the increase in overall funds. On the other hand, we can look at Black Friday, which had an astonishing decrease in sales of 6 percent. This is the largest decrease that the world has ever seen for Black Friday sales.

The sales for Cyber Monday are starting to grow at a concerning rate and the numbers for Black Friday are starting to fall. Sooner or later, Black Friday is going to be almost unheard of.

Cyber Monday is beginning to suppress Black Friday.


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