Per the letter by Mr. Frank Meneghini about the motto “Live Free or Die” (Sept. 14) on his license plate:

The person that told you that you could be fined is mistaken, as this was decided back in 1977 when the Supreme Court ruled in the Wooley v. Maynard case by a 6-to -3 majority that:

New Hampshire could not constitutionally require citizens to display the state motto upon their vehicle license plates. The Court found that the statute in question effectively required individuals to “use their private property as a ‘mobile billboard’ for the State’s ideological message.” The court held that the state’s interests in requiring the motto did not outweigh free speech principles under the First Amendment, including “the right of individuals to hold a point of view different from the majority and to refuse to foster ... an idea they find morally objectionable.”*

So, get the duct tape out if you wish.

*“Wooley v. Maynard.” Oyez, Accessed 10 Sept. 2021.