While many of us are aware when there is a nomination for a new Justice on the U.S. Supreme Court since it is national news (think Brett Kavanaugh) our state Supreme Court nominees receive much less attention. Yet, New Hampshire citizens are far more likely to have a case decided in state court than federal court.

It is important for the people of Cheshire County to understand that Gov. Sununu has recently nominated Attorney General Gordon MacDonald to be the chief justice of the N.H. Supreme Court and this is a troubling nomination.

MacDonald has a history of hostility toward voting rights, reproductive rights and public education. He has worked closely with organizations and elected officials in efforts to restrict abortion and, if confirmed, he will likely determine the future of abortion rights in our state that will impact women and families for years, even decades, to come.

The state Supreme Court has the final vote on a wide range of our rights and freedoms, so when the nomination of Gordon MacDonald comes before the Executive Council, I hope our councilors — Andru Volinsky, District 2 and Debora Pignatelli, District 5 — will vote NO and protect these important issues.

Please consider speaking out by contacting your councilor if you feel the same. This vote is due to take place Wednesday, so please do not delay.


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North Swanzey