Often families think they cannot afford any school except their local public school. The fact is, New Hampshire-chartered schools are great alternatives because they are tuition-free.

A new public charter school, Lionheart Classical Academy, is coming to the Monadnock Region this September. Any New Hampshire family will be able to send their children because the school is approved to receive state funding.

Located in Peterborough with grades kindergarten through 5 to start (and eventually serving K-12), Lionheart Classical Academy will provide students with a content-rich classical curriculum that emphasizes fundamental skills, such as reading, writing and arithmetic, progressing to intensive study of the liberal arts and sciences. The goal is to help students develop as educated, responsible and well-rounded members of society. They will learn to think logically and critically, studying the great minds of history.

Lionheart Classical Academy welcomes active parental involvement in children’s education. Its academic philosophy recognizes the primary role of parents in the education of their children. The school will keep parents informed through regular communication and engage parents in dialogue and decisions regarding their children’s education. The school’s board of trustees will include two parents of students enrolled in the academy.

Interested parents should visit the school’s website, lionheartclassical.org, to learn more. The academy is an open enrollment, tuition-free educational choice and is accepting student registrations through March 1, prior to an enrollment lottery required under state law to be held on Thursday, March 3.



(This writer is a founder and secretary of the Monadnock Freedom to Learn Coalition, the sponsoring organization for Lionheart Classical Academy, and a member of the school’s trustees.)