Whatever you may think of our current political situation, unless you are extra-terrestrial, or in a coma, there’s no denying Trump’s Rose Garden performance (on May 22) rivaled that of any 4-year-old refused a supermarket candy bar.

“Until you stop these investigations, I won’t do anything as president.” The pre-planned rant with printed signs and Fox News on site couldn’t have been more churlish or laughable. Trump might well have fallen to the floor screeching and pounding his fists.

Rachel Maddow reminded us both Nixon and Clinton, in the heat of impeachment and illustrating true presidential élan (two weeks before resigning in Nixon’s case), negotiated with Congress and signed important legislation, one piece a raise in the minimum wage (Nixon with a Democratic Congress; good old days).

“The Mueller Report,” a mere $12 at Target, reads like a civics and vocations soap opera, chronicling the actions of Donald Trump and countless others, many still in power, that would be censured and rebuked by ordinary American citizens if family members, employees, colleagues, service people or minor officials behaved in these ways.

Longtime friendships have been dissolved over lesser transgressions than are found in this report, yet we tolerate this behavior in our president, the supposed leader of the free world.

Mitch McConnell’s sycophantic support of Trump baffled me until I learned that a Russian oligarch invested in an aluminum plant in Kentucky. How many jobs Trump smugly claims creating are of similar origin? Is this why he is apoplectic about revealing his taxes?

Are we bewitched by Trump’s Pied Piper rhetoric? He lowers his voice to a soothing monotone, his eyes glaze, and he begins. “We have the best economy, more jobs than ever, companies coming back. We are the most transparent administration ever, but still there’s this witch hunt, all these investigations, but we’re gonna beat ’em. My wonderful AG Barr, fabulous person, is investigating the spying FBI, the Democrats, Hunter Biden, the media, all the enemies of the people, we’ll beat ’em all, and then what’ll we do?” He claps.

The rally crowd goes nuts chanting, “Lock ’em up! Lock ’em up!”

People like this are not amenable to reason or truth.

Congress must ignore them and proceed under the law, upholding their oath of office without obsessing over possible consequences.

Impeachment sends the message that the rule of law and democracy, not autocracy and mayhem, is what counts.


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