What with Thanksgiving coming up, fraught with risky political confrontation, I thought I’d talk about confirmation bias.

It is a natural human tendency to only seek out information that backs up one’s beliefs. In political terms, this translates into tuning into one’s favorite media commentary. How many NPR people dare listen to Rush Limbaugh, and how many Howie Carr fans care for Rachel Maddow?

And more damaging, has NPR (or The Sentinel!) commented favorably on our president? Has Rush ever said “Barack Hussein O” did anything praiseworthy?? Thomas Jefferson said, “An educated citizenry is a vital requisite for our survival as a free people.” It would serve the country well for us to remain open to other opinions.

If your are willing to expose yourself to uncomfortable facts, I can recommend checking out Governing Magazine (soon only available online). Since 1987, it reports on state and local news across the country, often with news on impacts of federal programs, all from a nonpartisan perspective. You may be surprised!


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