I was sorry to see that a misleading headline led to misunderstanding of community power reflected in an April 3 letter to The Sentinel.

As the graphic below the headline showed, under the city’s draft Community Power Program, automatic enrollment would provide more local renewable energy to a household “while maintaining competitive rates” — in other words, keeping the cost the same as default supply from Eversource.

Bulk purchasing power will enable Keene to negotiate contracts with more renewable energy than the statewide minimum while keeping the price competitive with Eversource. Yes, for households willing and able to choose 50 percent or 100 percent renewable, there would be an extra cost. For those who stay with the default, community power will enable us to gradually go greener while maintaining cost parity with Eversource rates. Anyone who wants to can opt out at any time.

Community power will enable us to buy as much New England-produced renewable energy as possible and reduce our use of fossil fuels without additional cost.