I read Keene City Councilor Terry Clark’s email to the Manchester City Council, regarding President Trump’s New Hampshire visit, with great sadness and disappointment.

President Trump’s visit will spawn violence? How? Where and when did that take place? I am a white male who supports Trump. The councilor may be surprised to learn I am also an Army veteran who is not racist, nor is my fiancée, who attended an Ivy League institution.

Councilor Clark needs to apologize for his ridiculous comments about myself and every other Trump supporter being “psychologically challenged people with the ability to purchase assault weapons.” Excuse me sir? How dare he equate my political affiliation with mental illness! That is a disgusting remark.

I thought “the left” welcomes everyone and their opinions with open arms. I see I had that wrong. Tolerance from the left only comes when you fit into the package they require.

Councilor Clark has no right to make light of mental illness because of his prejudices and needs to apologize immediately for his intolerance.



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