We, as the people of America, are close to a solution on racism. The legal resolution of racism was completed with the passage of our civil rights legislation in the ’60s. Finally various states’ “Jim Crow” laws became illegal. That took us 100 years to enact after the ending of slavery.

Now our country is going through another social upheaval. It’s needed. It’s always the case when we have needed significant social change, not just in race relations, but when establishing unions or women’s right to vote, etc.

The beauty is in our system that was put in place by some slave owners back in our country’s founding days. It’s a big trap door built into our Constitution that not only allows these changes, but demands these changes take place.

So what’s our last big step? It’s not defunding the police. It’s the hardest step of all and the easiest, too. It is the changing of one’s heart, Black and white, to consciously shed from one’s racist thoughts and stereotypes.

Once we change or raise a new generation that can express kind, compassionate, friendly and loving sentiments to our fellow American then our task will finally be done.


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