In winters when it snows, who is responsible in downtown Keene for snow and ice removal on all sidewalks?

Sidewalks which are in town, on Main Street in front of businesses, and also side streets as well ... is it the city of Keene or is each business responsible to remove ice and snow from the area in front of their business or apartment complex?

These past two snowfalls, the sidewalks have been poorly cleared. They are slippery and dangerous for anyone to walk but if elderly or handicapped, more so. Recently, a friend of mine fell on Eagle Court and injured an arm and hand.

These walkways need to be cleared of snow and ice with each storm. In all places elsewhere I have lived, the city was responsible for downtown sidewalks, roads and walkways. If it differs here in Keene, then please notify those in charge to do their job.

This is the least that can be done for the residents of Keene, who support these downtown privately owned businesses or apartment rentals as they attempt walking to their destinations.


Court Street