I sent this message to the City Council, and suggest that others in Keene contact the council requesting its members to vote for this fair and sensible approach.

I urge the council to maintain the moratorium on 5G applications. The N.H. Commission to Study the Environmental and Health Effects of Evolving 5G Technology is performing an important function for effective governance. It is taking testimony from industry and also from leading public health scientists and physicians. The latter perspective is not easily obtained on the local level, especially where there are no funds or personnel for legislative research.

Please respect this vital work of the state of New Hampshire by postponing the application process until after the commission’s report has been issued and studied. The major task of government is to protect the health and welfare of people, and in recent years this is most likely to be taken seriously at the state and local levels.

The city’s ordinance regarding the installation of wireless technology should also be approved, as it provides some safeguards for residents and their children.


69 Beaver St.


(Note: The Keene City Council approved an ordinance Thursday regulating installation of small-cell wireless transmitters, but removed its moratorium on 5G wireless transmission applications.)