The climate crisis “debate” on national TV (the night of Sept. 4) was the perfect counterpoint to the Keene Energy and Climate Committee meeting that morning.

I had presented that Keene committee with a meteorological analysis of their task “to develop a strategic plan by December 2020” so that “all electricity consumed in the City will come from renewable energy sources by 2030.”

All the committee members had had a copy of my analysis for a week. Yet the chair immediately proposed, and the committee agreed, to “accept” my analysis, all in less than a minute.

The chair’s transparent attempt to avoid any discussion was blatantly political, reflecting the national Democratic Party mantra of the Green New Deal. She understood that if her committee were to admit there were serious problems in her local task in Keene, it would reflect badly on the national Democratic Party and its similar efforts.

It is indeed sad that left-wing Democratic politics on the national level has so distorted the hearts and minds of our local “leaders” as to make a sham of what they claim to be a serious issue, requiring a serious response.


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