I read with great amusement the recent letter from the Vice President of the Freedom Foundation (“How wrong to shamelessly oppose right-to-work legislation,” by Jeff Rhodes, April 3). Having recalled their lame opposition to changing the racist name of the Washington Redskins, I took a moment to learn more of his organization.

The Freedom Foundation is openly anti-LGBTQ+, anti-environmental science, anti-minimum wage and anti-women’s rights, being funded in part by foundations that support white supremacists in the “Unite the Right” movement. Like the ALEC policies that it supports, this hateful organization has no business in New Hampshire.

The right to work (for less) laws that they are promoting will further erode the middle class and turn back the clock on every hard-won advance by those who chose to make their voices heard through their union. If you like weekends, fair pay, workplace safety or an end to child labor you can thank a union.

The clergy that he attacked have little to gain for their stance, unlike Jeff Rhodes, whose paycheck relies on spewing this anti-American rhetoric under the guise of freedom.

Republicans talk a great deal about freedom, but when it comes to actually taking a stand, they can be found squarely inside the coffers of those robber barons that are squeezing our New Hampshire workers into poverty and decimating our economy.

In solidarity,