In a matter of days, the citizens of Keene will elect our next mayor. I will be voting for Mitch Greenwald. My reasons are simple. He’s the most qualified. This is in no way a slight at his opponent. It’s just facts. Let’s look at these facts.

Business experience: Mitch opened his first business in Keene in 1972, as a Keene State College student. Since that early date, Mitch has opened and operated multiple businesses in Keene, employing hundreds of citizens. Currently, he owns and operates Greenwald Realty. Mitch opened all these businesses on his own dime, sweat equity and hard work. Nothing was handed to him.

Local political experience: As a city councilor Mitch has served on or chaired multiple committees over the past 20 years. Mitch has firsthand knowledge of which ideas have worked and which ideas have not been successful. Mitch will not need “on the job training.”

Commitment to Keene: Since graduating from Keene State College, Mitch has called Keene his home for over 40 years. Not only has he invested in multiple businesses, been on multiple boards and committees he has dedicated his life to serving the citizens of Keene. Mitch will continue that dedication as mayor of the city of Keene. Mitch has no intention of using the mayor’s position as a platform toward another political office. Mitch intends to devote 100 percent of his efforts toward Keene. Count on it!

When a business hires a CEO to run their company, they hire the most experienced candidate. If someone needs surgery, they look for the most experienced surgeon, not someone just out of medical school. When a fire or police department needs a new chief, they hire the most experienced candidate, not someone who just graduated from the academy.

The city of Keene is in a similar position. As we decide who shall lead our city, we should select the most experienced candidate. Facts: Slogans, ageism and rhetoric are cheap. We need the most qualified, experienced candidate to be our mayor. The choice is obvious: Mitch Greenwald.


40B Stonehouse Lane


(This writer is a Keene city councilor at-large.)