I am not surprised that Troy Police Chief David Ellis found himself on the Laurie List of police who have violated the public trust. How can someone be responsible for a police force, no matter how small, and be charged with upholding state laws when he traveled 400 miles to attend a rally whose very premise was to defy the rule of law in the U.S.?

There can be no greater example of disrespect for our country and laws by a sworn police officer, than to participate in an event organized by a losing candidate who can’t accept the will of the people. At the time of the Jan. 6 insurrection there had been rulings by dozens of courts, governors, secretaries of state, the Justice Department and many others that there was no fraud in the 2020 election and that Joe Biden was the winner.

For sure Chief Ellis can express his First Amendment rights any way he chooses, but displaying offensive political signs in his office provided by taxpayers, and being present at an event that defied the will of electoral college and the majority of Americans — that led to a deadly riot, the false premise of which is still embraced by a twice-impeached ex-president striving to replace the rule of law with anti-democratic authoritarianism — is not the New Hampshire way.

It’s shameful that Chief Ellis is still employed by Troy. He should be added to the list of the unemployed, not just the Laurie List.