All people deserve clean air, pure water, nutritious food, freedom to congregate, embrace, and converse openly — unencumbered. We are social creatures.

Healthy people are not profitable for the biotech elites. Purveyors of poisons cannot be trusted. Chem-trails douse the sky daily. Glyphosate, an herbicide, is carcinogenic and water-soluble. Sprayed on GMO crops, it poisons soil, food and our water supply. Biofuel, a GMO byproduct, gets pumped into cars and planes, becomes aerosolized and poisons the air. Eugenics by ecocide and genocide.

Dictates for masks are forcing us to recirculate toxins we are meant to excrete. The pore size of masks are giant portals for a virus to pass through. Masking is a psy-op technique used on political prisoners. Effective at causing emotional, psychological and physical damage.

The so-called COVID vaccine, is really an experimental mRNA gene therapy, never used in humans before now, it is still in experimental trials. The drug companies have no liability should you be injured. Some who get the shot are having severe reactions, some are dying, though the connection to the injection is denied. We just don’t know what the long-term consequences will be.

The deadliness of this virus can be mitigated with supplementation, vitamin D, C, exercise, fresh air and a nutrient rich diet, which strengthens our immune system. If you become ill, there are several tried-and-effective treatments with success rates near 100 percent.

Censorship of highly credentialed scientists, doctors and journalists with unbiased information are ignored or slandered by mainstream media and de-platformed from social media, both are controlled by the biotech elites.

The pandemic is not just about a virus or a vaccine. It’s an opportunity to instill fear and compliance worldwide. The biotech elites want total control of all citizens who survive. They want to control and profit from every financial transaction, to surveil our every move, limit our ability to travel and interact with one another. China is their model of excellence.

Our civil rights have been trampled. Consider your future and your loved ones. Do you want personal sovereignty or do you want slavery? Let’s stop this debacle! You can choose to learn more than the mainstream media delivers. We need to raise our consciousness; love is the answer.