Although I am an active Democrat, I am not voting for Mitchell Greenwald for mayor because he is a Democrat. I am voting for Mitch for a number of reasons.

His votes on the Keene City Council reflect my values. He has the integrity, knowledge and work ethic needed to be a successful mayor. He always has Keene’s best interests in mind when he weighs in on issues. Through his efforts over the years, he has helped make Keene the vibrant, thriving, welcoming community it is today.

Also, character means a lot to me and Mitch proved to me some years ago what a decent man he is. My sister, who rented from Mitch, struggled for years with her addiction to alcohol, losing jobs and getting evicted from apartments. Mitch worked with her to help her stay in one of his apartments. The day after our father died, my sister went missing and I was frantically looking for her so I could bring her to the funeral in Connecticut. At one point, I called Mitch to find out if he had seen her. He hadn’t. I kept looking for her that day, but didn’t find her. That night Mitch called me to tell me he found her, in one of the bars downtown. Unbeknownst to me, Mitch went to all the bars looking for my sister for me. He found her and stayed with her until I got there; otherwise she would have left.

What does this story have to do with running for office? It speaks to character; it speaks to going out of your way and doing something that feels right, even if it has no benefit to yourself. It speaks of kindness, generosity and the importance of family — things I also value in a public servant.


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