Periodically, a writer advocates silencing the opinions of other writers.

It is their right to put the premise forward. It should be published even if they would not extend that right to others.

We make progress by convincing people with the strength of our argument, not silencing them. Censorship is antithetical to our way of life and healthy debate. Censorship does not promote truth. It promotes quite the opposite.

Our personal speech is under attack today by some who would censor and bring economic hardship on those with whom they disagree. Censorship, even of the most offensive positions, may look like progress but in the long term only serves those who do not want individuals informed and free to make their own decisions.

Social commentary one finds offensive is easy to address. If a writer offends the reader, just stop reading and move on.

If someone presents a case a reader finds unconvincing, don’t follow the path offered.

Regardless of subject The Sentinel is right not to censor opinion writers or stories in opposition to the editor’s (or staffs’) personal opinions.