Whether you hunt, fish, swim or hike, whether you are conservative or liberal, nature is a part of your life here in Cheshire County. This year marks my 50th year of trying to protect and preserve what you and I have in common — our love for the natural beauty of New Hampshire.

In my youth I lobbied for current-use legislation and helped start the land preservation movement in Stoddard.

Now I’m old and I see global warming about to undue all of those efforts.

In the early 1970s, after a rainstorm the road to Island Pond would be covered with tiny green frogs. The frogs have disappeared. I haven’t seen them in years. Only an old-timer might notice. Global warming may have nothing to do with it. All I know is I can’t see them where they used to be.

However, as temperatures rise, tick populations will increase. Ticks now thoroughly infest the leaf litter, backyards and forests of Westchester and Long Island in New York. They will spread northward into our forests and infect our rodent population with chronic and deadly diseases. The ticks will then bite you and your children.

You do not want to contract these diseases, so you will do what people to our south do now. They avoid the woods. They don’t let their children play anywhere near ticks, which is practically everywhere once the ticks get established. They arm themselves with antibiotics and dress in summer like it was black fly season for any outdoor woods activity.

Just imagine a New Hampshire in which you cannot go into the forest and you get a picture of the effect of global warming here.

You can bet selfish politicians will not solve this problem. Only Bernie Sanders, always ahead of the pack, has a real plan to do something about it. The others are marking time, waiting for the polls to tell them what to do.

But politicians, both Democrat and Republican, will need your vote in the February primary. (Yes, if we have a recession expect a challenge here to President Trump.) They will be coming to you. Make sure they answer the question “What are you going to do about global warming if you get my vote?” Don’t let them get away with lies and vague promises.

The New Hampshire you know, and want your grandchildren to know, is at stake.


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