Who is Judy Mikovits? You may want to find out.

When Alexander Fleming, a Scottish researcher along with Ernst Chain and Howard Florey, first discovered and isolated antibiotics they got a Nobel Prize but gifted the life-saving discovery to the world without becoming billionaires from patented ownership. When Jonas Salk used a vaccine to save us all from the Polio virus, he did not patent the drug; he gave it to the people without cashing in on a billion-dollar opportunity.

That was the past.

Now we come the present. In the midst of what certainly appears to me to be a human-science-engineered pandemic we turn on our TVs and every other ad is a professionally produced pharmaceutical masterpiece pushing a new patented drug. There are Everest-sized piles of booty to be harvested by drug corporations treating the deadly ailments that saddle the sick and old.

The new way of dealing with diseases is to do an end run around doctors and go right into the living rooms of the stricken with slick advertising. It’s a massive Madison Avenue racket and it shakes the foundations of the Hippocratic Oath. It’s the glitter of riches over the gold of human conscience.

Now we come to a tale of two experts: Dr. Anthony Fauci and whistleblower Dr. Judy Mikovits.

Fauci has become the face of scientific professionalism, issuing confusing and conflicting directives about steps to take to avoid exposure to the new virus. Mikovits is an award-winning Ph.D. researcher sounding alarm bells that science has become more about corporate profits and less about human benefit.

As the pandemic rages, Fauci is front and center while Mikovits has been scrubbed from YouTube and is described on censor-influenced Wikipedia with code words like “discredited” and “conspiracy theorist.” Her home was invaded, like Roger Stone’s, and she was arrested and jailed for not genuflecting to the status quo. She was jeopardizing treasure.

While Americans are subjected to “protection from misinformation” they may want to consider the wisdom of ceding control of our pharmaceutical industry to the Chinese Communist party. They may also want to examine attacks on our Constitution. It gives us the right to hear all sides and make up our own minds.

There is little doubt that something has gone terribly wrong in what appears to be mad science. Maybe we need to listen to real whistleblowers this time. It may be our last chance.


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