Angst, whether local or national, has been increasingly promoted by the current president. One voter interviewed in the article stated “Democrats are terrible.”

Who gave our seniors Social Security? Who gave seniors Medicare? Who offered health coverage to low-income people via Medicaid? Who provided employment during the Great Depression through government programs? Who gave millions of people without health insurance coverage under the Affordable Care Act?

Democrats, that’s who. Republicans opposed these programs. All of which could probably be labeled small “d” democratic socialism. Yet I doubt there are many Republican recipients who want to give them up.

Democrats have more of a leg to stand on when they question how anyone can support the present occupant of our White House, who has spent the last four years tearing our government down.

Especially hard to understand is the support of this president who authorized the removal of children, including babies, from their mothers at the southern border, putting them in cages without even the means for personal hygiene. Who failed to keep track of the families and who now have 545 children lost to their families because the government kept no records and deported the mothers and fathers.

To compound this tragedy, too many of us kept silent, said nothing, did nothing while this was happening. This angst will continue unless we all take a close look at our values. Listing what those values are may reveal we all share many of the same values despite party affiliation.


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