Jan. 6, 2021 … Donald Trump said “Remember this day forever.”

Like the other threats to our country, democracy and the Constitution (e.g. assassinations, 9/11) I will. I watched it and could do nothing; he watched it and could have done something.

In regard to the Proud Boys, the neo-Nazis, the Oath Keepers, 6MWE, the Patriot Movement, QAnon, other white supremacists (as identified by Chairman Gen. Milley) along with other Trump Republicans in attendance who broke into the Capitol, Trump said, “We love you, you’re very special.”

John F. Kelly, former Marine general and White House chief-of-staff to Trump, summed it up well:

“What we need to do going forward — what we have to do as a people — not as Democrats or Republicans or independents, but as Americans, is to ask ourselves how did we ever get to this place. We need to look infinitely harder at who we elect to any office in our land. At the office seeker’s character, at their morals, at their ethical record, their integrity, their honesty, their flaws, what they have said about women, and minorities, why they are seeking office in the first place, and only then consider the policies they espouse.”