I believe Pete Buttigieg should be the next president of the United States, so I am voting for him in the New Hampshire primary.

Pete immediately impressed me when I saw him on WMUR’s “Conversation with the Candidate” last March. Like many people I’ve spoken with as a Pete volunteer, I will vote for whoever becomes the Democratic nominee. All those remaining in the field are excellent candidates, but I believe Pete is the best, with the qualities and qualifications to be most electable against Donald Trump.

Pete is actively seeking to unite the country and doesn’t have the political baggage hampering the other top-tier candidates. His youth is an advantage — the other front-runners are running energetic campaigns, but most would be close to 80 years old in their first term.

Pete is extraordinarily intelligent and thoughtful. He’s a Rhodes scholar and speaks seven languages, including sign language; but more importantly, when Pete speaks or answers questions, it’s obvious he has already thought deeply about the matter and can clearly articulate his positions and his reasoning.

His ideas are progressive yet practical and commonsense. No matter the topic, he just “gets it” and I have no doubt he will do the right thing.

As a veteran, I appreciate that Pete volunteered for military service, so he has the “boots on the ground” perspective to be an effective command-in-chief.

Pete is unflappable, polite, assertive and willing to work with people who disagree with him. His temperament will serve him well on the world stage as well as dealing with Congress. As mayor of South Bend, Ind., he dealt with the same kinds of fiscal, human and legislative issues and decisions that a president faces on the national level.

Pete owns his shortcomings and is dedicated to getting better and getting it right. He knows he may not be the smartest on a particular issue and will bring the best people to his administration. He reminds me of JFK and Barack Obama in many ways. He possesses and projects a positive “presidential” image our country needs again in the Oval Office. I firmly believe he is ready for the job.

To find out where Pete stands on specific issues, I encourage you to visit https://ask.peteforamerica.com for short videos organized by topic or https://peteforamerica.com/issues/ to read about them. Please vote for Pete Buttigieg on Tuesday, Feb. 11.


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