Why, at the age of 68, has this Hancock resident volunteered for a political campaign for the first time? Because a leader has emerged whose background, traits and characteristics are a perfect match for our nation’s highest needs at this very point in time: Pete Buttigieg.

Yes, Pete is extremely intelligent and has a remarkable breadth of experience for someone his age. He is a practical progressive — he does not simply dream about how our world might be better, but recognizes the challenges of achieving visionary goals with practical approaches like “Medicare for all who want it.”

But his deep, internal characteristics — integrity, empathy, respect for others, strength and indeed bravery — and the desire to unite instead of divide most impress me. We desperately need these attributes in our president.

He has the drive and ambition that someone seeking high office must have, yet he is humble enough to be listening and learning all the time, a humility grounded in faith. He is the youngest and the most mature among the candidates.

Please give Pete’s momentum a boost with your vote on Feb. 11.


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