Here is one Granite State resident who wants to thank Gov. Chris Sununu publicly for vetoing the state budget passed by the Democrats in the House and Senate.

Sununu prevented a budget increase of more than 13 percent, which would have cost each of us an additional $1,200 per year. I can’t think of many New Hampshire families who can afford that kind of increase in state spending.

The Democrats’ state budget also would have used one-time revenues to fund ongoing expenses, meaning that every future state budget would begin with a structural deficit. No family would budget this way, and neither should our state Legislature!

Thirdly, the Democratic majorities voted to impose $400 million in added or increased state taxes and fees. This works out to about $700 in extra state taxes for every family in New Hampshire, on top of our current state and local taxes. Once again, Gov. Sununu saved the day with his veto pen.

As a result of the governor’s vetoes, the old state budget remains in effect, so Granite Staters continue to enjoy the benefits of lower state taxes and spending. But the Democrats in Concord have shown their true colors to the people of New Hampshire. Unfortunately, they cannot be trusted to limit state spending or keep state taxes reasonable.

So, my thanks to Gov. Sununu, and may voters remember in 2020 what the Democrats in Concord tried to do to them.

Very truly yours,


P.O. Box 292