In a letter in The Sentinel on June 22 (“Nominee shouldn’t have been chosen”), Judith Reed bemoans Gov. Sununu’s choice of Ryan Terrell for the State Board of Education. Ms. Reed points out that “his expertise in the field of education is strikingly absent.”

Apparently both she and Councilor Volinsky think that only educators belong on that board. Contrary to their belief, the qualification for serving on that board is stated in Chapter 21-N: 10:I “There is hereby established the state board of education consisting of 7 members who shall serve without pay and shall not be technical educators or professionally engaged in school work”. Additionally in Chapter 21-N:10:III “The Governor and council shall appoint the members of the board. Five of the members shall be selected one each from the 5 executive councilor districts, and 2 members shall be selected from the public at large.”

I am really surprised that Councilor Volinsky was not aware of this section in Chapter 21-N, or worse, he knew it, but was hoping that nobody else did.

Any board benefits from the experiences and knowledge of its members, and the board of education is no different.

In addition, Gov. Sununu did not label the councilors who opposed his nomination of Ryan Terrell racist, but the comment from Councilor Volinsky who called the nomination “tokenism.”


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(This writer, a Republican, represents District 8 in the N.H. Senate.)