Thank you to The Sentinel for the Oct. 24 article on the federal Preventing Animal Cruelty and Torture Act, recently passed unanimously by the U.S. House of Representatives, and for the same day’s editorial, “Cats and Dogs,” reprinted from the Rutland Herald.

Twenty-twenty is going to be a remarkable year for Granite State animals, with many bills in the Legislature to protect cats, dogs and our wild animal friends. Rep. Katherine Rogers, D-Concord, has introduced bills to prohibit cat declawing, ear cropping and tail docking; to prohibit the sale of cats, rabbits and dogs in retail stores; to improve standards of care for dogs living outside; and to strengthen the definition of animal cruelty.

Rep. Anita Burroughs, D-Glen, has introduced a bill to establish a program of courtroom advocates for animals who are victims of violent crime (thank you to local cosponsor Rep. Michael Abbott, D-Hinsdale). Rep. Ellen Read, D-Newmarket, has introduced bills to prohibit discrimination against pet owners in rental housing, to include wild animals for protection under our animal cruelty statute, and to reform the membership of the Fish and Game Commission so that humane advocates are represented.

Rep. Charlie St. Clair, D-Laconia, has introduced a bill to establish a registry of people convicted of animal cruelty and Rep. Daryl Abbas, R-Salem, has introduced a bill requiring reporting of collisions between cats and motor vehicles.

At this writing bill numbers have not yet been assigned, but bill numbers and text should be available within the next several days at the state’s website:


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