Well, citizens, POOF! Here goes another $730 billion down the rathole of the Pentagon, also known as the Military-Industrial-Congressional Complex. The National Defense Authorization Act, FY 2021, has passed the House. I am not sure if President Obama’s $1 trillion over 30 years “modernization” of the U.S. nuclear arsenal introduced in January 2016 is included in this year’s National Defense Authorization Act. I think not.

Something like 2,700,000 soldiers have cycled through Afghanistan and Iraq since the never-ending Global War on Terror (later called Overseas Contingency Operations by Obama) since 2001. Many have died. Many have been injured; the injured and their families, are living hell because of their physical and psychological injuries. Many of us are darned angry about the waste of war that we witnessed.

Light at the end of the tunnel? Please let me know when you see it.

Last week, The Washington Post began a series of articles exposing the Bush, Obama, and Trump administrations as liars, liars from top to bottom. Please look at the articles online when you have the time. This triad of presidents and all of their senior military and civilian advisors should be tried and convicted of (there is no other term for what they have done) War Crimes. For a minute please think about being responsible for the deaths of millions of people and the destruction of their homes and places of work. The people in your government, both Democrats and Republicans, are responsible. And they are all liars.

The money that has been wasted and continues to be wasted into 2020 is at the hands of the United States Congress. Your congressperson, Kuster, has voted for the NDAA every year that she has been a member of Congress. The Senate has yet to consider this year’s NDAA. But please be assured that your senators, Shaheen and Hassan, will be all-in for $730 billion. If either votes “no” I will surely let you know.

I do not know where the “resist” movement has been hiding since Jan. 20, 2017, when Trump was inaugurated. But I urge you citizens to rise up, take to the streets, and tell your government employees that you have had enough of wasteful Pentagon spending, war crimes, liars and their lies.

The military industrial congressional complex is depending on you to do nothing.

Impeachment of the present liar-in-chief, Trump, will do nothing to turn the tide toward “government of, by and for the people.”

Only you can.

Start peace. Stop war.


258 Court St., Keene