What we recently witnessed with the U.S. debacle of the Afghan withdrawal, in my opinion, is maybe the greatest display of military incompetence ever shown by any administration in history.

How’s it possible that so-called national leaders can have so little common sense that they actually think it was a solid plan to withdraw the military before the American citizens and key Afghan people were evacuated who assisted us during this 20-year war? Finally, a few days later, someone smartened up and said maybe we should send back some military to see if we can accomplish an evacuation.

Do we really know how many Americans were abandoned? It might also have been sensible to destroy any remaining armaments before leaving, but why expect sensibleness from this administration. I can’t help but wonder if the families of the 13 dead U.S. military and nearly 100 Afghans would agree when Biden proclaimed the operation an “extraordinary success”? How insulting.

The U.S. dropped a few rungs on the ladder of respect from leaders around the world over this debacle.

Now to the border, as if we have one anymore. Since before Biden took office, he made it clear to the world that his policy would basically be open borders and he’s outdone himself for sure. No other country in the world would be so careless with its sovereignty.

I recall vividly how the national media eviscerated the Trump administration daily, claiming mistreatment and inhumane policies at the border. Why aren’t these so-called journalists in Del Rio these days, where Haitians from various Central American countries are coming by the thousands and are being offered little or no humane assistance aside from bottled water and living in utter squalor? Why isn’t the nightly national media focusing on this and demanding answers from Biden and the border Czar, Harris, who’s been totally AWOL throughout?

Can you imagine what the media would be doing if the current border crisis was under a GOP administration? Instead we get nothing but lies, deceit and complete censorship from this administration. It has a very serious lack of credibility and transparency.

I’m 100 percent in favor of immigration … legally. We would not be the U.S. without immigration and diversity.