The presidential primary in New Hampshire will be held on Feb. 11. While I would be happy with just about any of the Democrat candidates running in the primary, I will be voting for Vice President Joe Biden because this is the most important election in my lifetime.

The current administration has more than decimated the federal government and has left the constitutional separation of powers doctrine in a shambles. The next president, whoever it may be, will not only have to right the ship of state but will have to rebuild it as well. In short, we need a president in the White House who knows government, knows how to make it work and who has experience not only in governing, but in rebuilding it as well.

Former Vice President Biden knows most of the major players in Congress, has worked with them in the past to pass major legislation (such as the Affordable Care Act), and understands that in order to accomplish anything in a divided political system a leader must listen, think, and devise a way to achieve the greatest part of what he/she hopes to accomplish, and that means compromise. Before we can have universal healthcare, we need to have achievable healthcare.

We need to have a person in charge of the White House who listens to his advisors and seeks advise from a wide range of knowledge, someone who has experience. Over the course of the past three years, the role and status of the United States in world affairs has been destroyed. Our government does not have the credibility that we had a mere four years ago. We cannot afford a leader at this critical point who must spend years building up their credibility. Joe Biden has that international credibility on the first day.

I also support Joe Biden because, while he tends to be a centrist politically, he has an openness and a willingness to listen to divergent opinions, an interest in the betterment of the lives of our citizens and an abhorrence of oligarchic government. I expect that many of the outstanding progressive and liberal candidates running for the office today will become advisors to President Biden should he be elected and that rational conservatives would also be heard as well. I urge your support for Joe Biden on Feb. 11.


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