My name is Kristen Thies and I’m endorsing Joe Biden for president.

I recently moved to Keene from Colorado Springs and attended Vice President Biden’s campaign event at Keene State College to hear him speak in person and shake his hand.

There are many reasons I’m endorsing Biden, but the main one is my admiration for his commitment to keep his promise to his son Beau Biden III — to never give up the fight to restore the soul of America.

When it was my turn to speak to Joe, I thanked him for his admirable service to the USA and for his determination to restore the basic premises upon which our country was founded — that, to me, takes a lot of courage when overcoming the death of his son.

I told Joe I too lost a loved one, my husband, Timothy R. Thies, to the same devastating disease.

He looked at me with incredible compassion, closed his eyes, and gently touched my hand. Sometimes feelings are best conveyed without saying a word.

I’ve never been outwardly political; however these are times we must speak up for American values taught to us as children — that above all, we must uphold honesty, integrity and the truth.

These are the same values Joe Biden is passing along to a new generation of Americans.

While waiting to speak to Joe, I noticed a young boy who was able to speak with him at the rope line — what an experience for him! — and I asked the boy what he was able to talk to the vice president about. He told me Joe Biden gave him a coin to signify one of the most essential things in life — the importance of keeping promises.

Now, more than ever, in light of recent whistleblower allegations coming to the forefront against the Trump administration, I feel compelled to endorse Joe Biden for president of the United States — to help support his commitment to protect our health care, deal effectively with climate change and protect our beautiful planet, lead by the power of example with dignity and respect toward each other and our allies, and in doing so, keep his promise to restore the soul of America.


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