Zephyr Teachout is a lawyer and professor at Fordham University. She’s an author who promotes transparency and accountability in government. Teachout grew up in Vermont, is a progressive politician and endorsed Bernie Sanders for president.

Teachout recently wrote an op-ed for The Guardian. She made the case that Joe Biden is a weak candidate against Trump because Biden has a “big corruption problem.” She suggests Biden’s “Middle Class Joe” image won’t sell, because of the contributions that Biden takes from industry. In three examples (finance, health care and energy), she shows how Biden converted these contributions into favorable legislation for industry at the expense of the general public.

While Teachout’s complaints are legitimate (fraudulent representation and selling of influence), this seems like business as usual for too many elected officials. Biden is particularly adept at it, as is President Trump.

However, Teachout never mentioned China or Ukraine or Hunter Biden. She also didn’t mention the five members of Biden’s family who were greatly enriched by Joe Biden’s unethical machinations, as recently published in the New York Post. These are real corruptions, tax money or campaign money routed to relatives and friends. In my opinion, Biden belongs in jail.

What was Bernie Sanders’ reaction? He apologized to Biden: “... It is absolutely not my view that Joe Biden is corrupt in any way ...” (interview on CBS News).

Bernie sold out Zephyr Teachout, just as he sold out his supporters in 2016 ($27 average contribution) when he supported Hillary, though Hillary was corrupt, though his supporters were victims of multiple election frauds and though Hillary stood opposite him on the very economic issues that got Bernie his support. Whether it is Biden or Bernie or Trump, selling out your supporters is not presidential.

For more on Biden’s activity in Ukraine, and how our tax money can be laundered through foreign aid to favored Americans, please search: “Biden Investigated Mirzoeff” (for my Nov. 29, 2019 letter).

For more on Bernie’s 2016 sellout of his supporters, please search: “Bernie Conspiracies Mirzoeff” (for my March 18, 2019 letter).


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