I am voting for Bernie Sanders because I believe we need his bold and wise leadership — both to beat Trump and to bring our nation together to address the challenges of this century.

Bernie fights for what matters: health care, economic fairness, social justice, climate, open democracy. And he has built a national grassroots coalition that is broad in both numbers and diversity — across urban and rural, class, race, religion, and gender.

He shown that, despite what pundits say, everyday Americans don’t think Medicare For All, a living wage and state-funded college education are such radical ideas after all.

What’s more, Bernie has been honest about what it will take to overcome entrenched and powerful special interests that benefit from our divisions.

It will take a plurality of us, working together, to:

Move beyond 12 years of “public option” talk (2008 Democratic primary);

Expand Medicare eligibility (over four years) to provide basic health care for all;

Protect land, air, water and reverse corporate eminent domain;

Tax fairly and shift funds to public programs and public infrastructure — once America’s pride, so brazenly gutted and sadly neglected for 50 years.

Political calculation and corporate centrism are not going to win in November. Bipartisanship in Washington largely benefits big donors, to the detriment of our democracy, economy and planet.

Real change is not going to come from “reaching across the aisle.” It’s going to come from us. And it begins with our votes on Feb. 11.


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